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My name is Morteza Saheb and I am a Software && Web Developer

Almost freelancer

I am from Iran

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Programming C# VB6 C++ Setup Payment Gateway Delphi PHP MySQL Laravel Wordpress MSSQL CSS/CSS3 Joomla Droupal Ajax Web Design Graphic Design Javascript/jQuery SASS/Compass
So who am I ?

My name is Morteza Saheb, an almost freelancer Windows and Web developer. I started programming at age of 12 using VB5 and after couple of years migrated to VB6 and then VB.Net. It was the time when I started to learn C# and going for Microsoft MCSD certificate, unfortunately I was too busy and there was no official place in Iran to pass exams. At same time I started writing PHP, C# , and using MySQL too. Anyway, I still love Visual Basic for its readable syntax.

I like Playing Santour too; i started to learn how to playing santour when i was only 10~11 years old. Although computer was more interesting for me maybe because you don’t need many tools , but I still like santour and playing it for hobby sometimes, Now i am a master student in Computer Software and I've done more than 91 IT projects and i have several bank payment gateway setup for many online sites in my resume.

I am almost freelancer not because I don’t like team working or working full-time, it is because I don’t want to limit my-self to a company’s interests and as their interests are not interesting at all for me usually and not challenging here, working full time for most of software companies in Iran is boring. So actually in short, I like to work for my-self or work for a company who want to do things that none done before or at least have new ideas. But I am going to open an e-commerce company and I am also board member of an advertising company in Iran currently.

Freelancing world is very interesting for me forever. ;)

What languages and technologies I know:

Visual Basic 6 & .Net

What operating systems I know:

Windows XP ~ 7
Windows Phone
HTML5 for new tags!
CSS3 to make pages nicer
jQuery for doing javascript things faster
Microsoft .Net Framework as programming framework
Microsoft Visual Studio as IDE
Microsoft Silverlight instead of Flash?
FireBug for debugging web pages
Microsoft SQL Server to store information
MySQL to store information in web environment
Scout, Compass and SASS to write CSS rules faster
Aptana Studio as IDE for PHP and web design
PHP as web backend
Joomla as favorite CMS
This is
PHP, Jquery , Ajax , Css3 , HTML5
This is my Business Web design Site that i love it
This is
This is My Personal Web Site
This is
This is Election 1392 That i developed for .
This is
This is My Online Training Shop Website that i programmed and designed without any framework of PHP .
This is Echarge Shop
This is My Online Echarge Shop Website that you can buy charge of irancell , MCI , Rightel , Talya for your simcards .